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    Did you know that approx. 85% of your car is controlled by an auto electrical system? If your car won’t start or run, the lights and wipers, or the heater or air conditioner won’t work the cause is most likely electrical.

    Modern vehicles use more electronic technology than ever before. The control units of vehicles use fancy names, abbreviated to ECU, BCM, SRS, TDM, ABS etc which can be tricky to understand.

    It is no longer easy for owners of new vehicles to perform simple maintenance without good knowledge of the electronic components of the engine. Even changing a battery can cause the control unit to malfunction or to record fault codes which brings on the engine management warning light.

    Expert Repairs

    Murfetts Auto Electrical has kept up to date with changes in the auto electronics industry and can diagnose electronic and engine management faults with the latest scan tool available.

    This tool is regularly updated with the latest software covering over 200 different late model vehicles. The scan tool can pin-point hidden faults which can even save the owner unwarranted parts replacement. Electronic faults are often caused by several problems and the scan tool can identify each problem accurately.

    Qualified Staff

    The staff at Murfetts Auto Electrical have the experience and equipment to carry out all of your auto electrical work, contact us today.
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